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and the u.s. nuclear chief says the water evaporated. if they are exposed they can catch fire, melt, and release large amounts of ridation into the air. we are told crews are still working on a new power line that would restore the electricity there in theory and get the water pumps back up and running. officials say the cold snap is slowing down their effort but not word on when that cable might be connected. in the meantime, 200 courageous plant workers, 180 of them, are jack belling to cool the reactors by hand. they are risking their lives to prevent a catastrophe. a total meltdown is a stunning blow after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the northeast portion of japan. we got dramatic new video to fox of people trying to save eve other as the monster wave swept through the town. look at this. (speaking japanese). >>shepard: a week later search teams are still digging for the dead. and survivors gather what is last of their belongings. but for many, there is simply nowhere to go. expire towns are wiped off the map and it will take likely years to rebuild. so we will ge
the american people tonight to explain the u.s. mission in libya. the reasoning behind it. the u.s. military's role, and are we go from here. all this comes on the heels of a significant, rather, a dramatic victory for the administration with nato agreeing yesterday to take command of the mission including the ground attack. that as international airstrikes continue for the 9th night over the nation. libya state tv broadcast these images from a southern city of sabha claiming the attacks were against civilians. top nato commander today hitting back against suggestions that nato forces are essentially providing air cover for the rebels. >> our goal, our goal, it is to help protect civilians and population centers from attack or that are the threat of an attack. >>shepard: the in six not to take sides but we have. the opposition is benefiting, before the no-fly zone they were in trouble but this has weakened the military. and now the two sides are fighting on equal terms because of us and they are closing in on muammar qaddafi's hometown, a key government stronghold on the road to tripoli. and
world war ii. we have team fox coverage this hour and james has the latest from washington on the u.s. effort to help. but first we will get to the pacific coast of japan. what is the latest on the nuclear situation there to the north? >>reporter: well, it is happening again, up the coast from where we are, the massive complex of nuclear reactors has been targeted, hit by both of earthquake and tsunami. the technicians this night are trying to avoid yet another hydrogen explosion at this reactor, the nuclear rods have been exposed, partly exposed and the risk of a meltdown at this reactor we are told is very real there already have been other explosions at one reactor this morning and another at another reactor on saturday. each time there is an explosion there is release of radioactivity that is why there is a 12 mile exclusion zone, 140,000 people have been evacuated and some have been exposed to radiation and the folk here, the authorities say it is under control but there are a lot of skeptical people here in japan and elsewhere. >>shepard: in question, greg, we know there are mil
to reporters after telling a dozen congressional leaders what the u.s. role will be enforcing the u.n. security council resolution saying muammar qaddafi left the world no choice by attacking his own people after losing his legitimacy as a leader and he said here is why it matters to americans. left unchecked we have every reason to believe qaddafi would commit atrocities against his people. many thousands could die. a humanitarian crisis woulden sue. and the entire region could be destabilized endanger many allies and partners. >> and the president said the call to the libyan people would go unanswered and the democratic values we stand for would be overrun and the words of the international community would be rendered hollow. >>reporter: any idea what the u.s. role will be enforcing the zone? >>reporter: he said it requires america's leadership and sources with knowledge of the situation say no american planes will be used enforcing the if -- no-fly zone and the prime minister cameron said his country is ready to take the lead. here is what he had to say. >> britain will deploy tornadoes and
of office. >> the u.s. is considering all the options. let's go to steve harrigan streaming live from tripoli. nato discussing a no-fly zone but the rebel losses, is it all right too late? >> reporter: the tide has turned on both fronts mountain battle, particularly in the east of ras lanuf that the rebels held, they are clearly in retreat there now. they are getting into the cars and pickups and driving to the east. really for a regime here that has made unusual or weird statements, their military approach has been methodical. they have clamped down stamping out any dissented and shored up the western front. only now are they moving east, first with a barrage and then a major ground assault. >> shep: and defiant rant from his son, tell us what else he said today. >> reporter: he is seen as modernizing figure in the regime. he has educated in london and prepared for a major battle that they plan to introduce democracy and freedom but it's different from the fact we seen on the ground where a bbc journal was beaten and put through a mock execution while trying to cover fighting outside
to be afghanistan on steroids for a number of reasons. it is an important ally from the u.s. and the defense secretary yesterday said there were for planning by the administration for a period of post yemen president. that is important. number two, it is the haven for al qaeda in yemen or al qaeda on the arabian peninsula a group behind almost all of the attempted or successful strikes on the united states in the last 18 months. more significantly, it also has a problem with shia rebels in the north so if it was to become a safe haven or to be a plagues with a vacuum no real power base we saw in the president, we would not know, we being the u.s. government, who to deal with trying to keep a lid on the ability of al qaeda in yemen to launch attacks against the united states. >>shepard: big picture. this could solve a lot of problems in the short run. >>reporter: if we can do a couple of things. first, and what i found important in the "wall street journal" reporting no one has been identified as the likely leader for this transitional authority. if that can happen in a fairly smooth way, it
: international forces attack muammar qaddafi's military. u.s. and coalition fighters flying more than 150 air anythings over north africa nation and firing 16 cruise missiles in the past 24 hours according to a spokesman after nato agreed last night to assume command of the no-fly zone. but united states and other allied forces are in charm of the rest of the world in including attacks on the ground forces which is the toughest part of the operation and the most controversial. the quick exit does not appear likely and now steve harrigan in the libyan capital but first over to the pentagon. the transition of command is happening. what does it mean? >> we are told from a senior nato official it is being transitioned and it will take 72 hours before general ham can hand over to the nato command structure and the new lieutenant general, the canadian lieutenant general is put in charge of the no-fly zone. the enforcement of the no-fly zone will still be robust. this is not going to just be planes looking for aircraft in the sky. it will be a robust enforcement of the no-fly zone. listen to investi
made the case on u.s. involvement in libya, the military is preparing to scale back the role and let nato take command. at the same time, members from 40 nations gather in london to discuss the end game in libya and a possible future without muammar qaddafi. at home nato allied supreme commander in europe, is telling congress he is optimistic muammar qaddafi will fall under the pressure. >> we have a chance at muammar qaddafi leaving because the entire international community is again him. >>shepard: muammar qaddafi ruled for four decades and repeatedly said he will never give up and despite international strikes against his military, the rebels say the government is better armed and organization than anything makeshift they come up with. there are muammar qaddafi's government tanks and rockets driving back the open opposition. though are trying to retreat, the relatives from a town. >> regular cars are fighting with machine guns, et cetera, et cetera, we did not have arms or we would finish muammar qaddafi in a few days. >>shepard: a spokesman for the opposition in london asking the
tap all of the potential. we have lots of things in common with the u.s., vast generous territory, hard-working people. we do not have racial problems that affect african countries or the wars that were waged in europe or the religious conflict of europe itself and, therefore, latin america, is called to compromise or, rather, commit with its own fate. and, therefore, we are looking forward to president obama's words. we are all left-handed. we have many coincidences. we studied at harvard. we are sports american. i continues to a basketball player and i watts, as well. and the first lady of the united states is very good looking, and president obama has said the same about the first lady of chile. there are plenty of coincidences but the most important is what we will find this afternoon. and i could suggest president obama, we hope to have partnership that is ... one where we all the responsibility ies and we have never had to face major problems but a partnership of collaboration. between latin america and the united states, sharing values, principles and a common vision. and t
. and, as it does so, what safe dwaurdz is the u.s. taking to protect crews from the radiation exposure here? >> reporter: yes, shep, u.s. heavily involved in the relief operations here. dealing with the post-earthquake and tsunami situation but also, concern about the people involved, regarding the radiation levels. fox news can confirm that air crewmen, again, were believed to be exposed to radiation and they were probably running the helicopters, bringing in their relief to the region, and they were given iodine pills and decontaminated and, three ships involved in the marine task force have been redirected to the west side of the island we are on, away from the exposure to radiation and other folks on bases being told to stay indoors when they can and other countries taking even more drastic steps, where the u.s. is concerned, shep. >> shepard: yes. i'm sure, and, you know, greg, we both know how cold it is here. tonight, well, this is wednesday morning, now, but wednesday night in japan, along sendai and the northeastern coast, they are expecting snow and the sizable amount of it,
-- aftershocks. and president obama says the u.s. stands ready to help. it combines with trace gallagher. from the pictures, it's hard to tell which was deadlier the earthquake or the tsunami? >> it is. it's like someone picked up the earth and ripped it like a blanket. it caused massive devastation and then you had a colossal wall of water. it looks like it's crawling across and inside where homes, cars and mud. the debris we have learned over the years is every bit as dangerous as the water for those who are trapped inside a lethal weapon being propelled by a very powerful force. so far 300 confirmed dead, 500 plus missing we know those numbers will certainly rise. look at the roads, if you will, shep. this is the access to the coastal cities. this is what makes it so much more difficult for the first responders to get to those in need you can't drive out there. the only access is by boat or by helicopter because there are no places right now to land planes. it is a very difficult situation for those who need to be rescued and for the recovery operation as well. >> shep: all the way over in
overnight forcing two u.s. air american to eject. officials say a marine corps search-and-rescue team found the pilot and the libyan rebel forces brought the other crewman to safety. neither we are told was seriously hurt. but here is what is left of the f-15 war plane, foyers blaming mechanical failure, not enemy fire. locals say one of the crew hid on a local farm until it was clear that he was in friendly territory. a witness telling britain's "telegraph," that he hugged the americans saying "don't be scared, you are our friends." this happened outside the rebellion stronghold of benghazi, part of the u.n. sanctioned mission to expand the for fly stone over libya. we are told that coalition forces launched another to dozen tomahawk missiles on the military target, for a total of 160 since the split began in the new war on saturday. the libyan government today accusing coalition forces of killing many civilians after a third night of strikes. >> many of the targets were civilian and quasimilitary and in civilian employee with army, west and east of tripoli. >>shepard: and robert gates cal
to the streets in support of the international air campaign this. the u.s. commander in the region says the strikes protected the city from new government attacks and now says international forces are trying to extend the in fly zone to qaddafi's power center of tripoli. we have coverage of our new war on libya, jonathan hunt is on the opposition movement but first to rick leventhal in benghazi much the airstrikes aim to protecting other cities. is it working? >>reporter: well, we have seen the results, between benghazi and to the south where the jets, 95 percent of the missions carried out by u.s. fighter jets neutralizing tanks and heavy armored between here and the southern city 95 miles down the road. taking our thanks and artillery but in that town, qaddafi's army is in control with a major check point north and west of the city with tanks and heavy artillery. the rebels are being beaten back and the jets are not targeting those tanks and other positions because they're in the city limits so we did hear that there were airstrikes to our west. where the population has been taking a
as president obama says the u.s. will send military and civilian aircraft to assist in rescuing the refugees. now nearly 200,000 refugees, 200,000 libyans have left the country going into egypt and tunisia to the west. desperate to get away from the fighting. >> we are happy to leave libya. i am glad for this. >>shepard: egypt, and france and great britain providing planes for evacuation. and our chief correspondent, jonathan hunt, is in tunisia, not far from the international airport. there are signs the rest joe situation could be improving? >>jonathan: distinct signs it is improving. at the libyan side of the border today, you remember the pictures we showed you 48 hours ago, tens of thousand crossing, trying to get across the border. today it was virtually empty. for the 30 minutes we were there, we saw a total of two people, a couple, walking across the border. also on the tunisian side thousand need to get back, migrant workers from egypt and bangladesh who have fled here and they are getting out with aircraft and ships so the refugee crisis is easing considerably. >>shepard: what do w
has asked for the u.s. navy to send in the nuclear teams, and they work with onboard disasters on ships and they are ago quipped to handle this. if they do in the get the power line back on the u.s. navy probably is the only back stop teen now and disaster. >>shepard: that power line is something i must say, we did not realize they were able to work on, and now we get word that, in fact, they hope the power line is close to complete. of course, it has become the norm, no specifics of any kind, no idea what "soon" means or how much mower they can supply or to what effect. if you can get the automated systems back up and get the water running through, this could be solved? is that after overstatement? >>guest: it could be solved if water is on the fuel rods but, remember, this is an issue of time because in the last 24 hours we have heard about the broach in the container vessel for reactor number three. and that means there could be a lot of radioactivity into the atmosphere. we saw 50 miles away there was contamination of iodine radiation in the water. it was only trace element
so. what have we learned about u.s. dealings with libya before the push to get qaddafi out of the, started? >>reporter: the u.s. government had a deal to sell some 50 armored personnel carriers for some $77 million to qaddafi's regime. congress got anxious about that, held up the deal for a period of time and then with everything blowing up last week, the state department pulled the deal and all other defense contracts, limited defense contracts with qaddafi's regime. >>shepard: thank you from the white house, mike. if you wonder why impasse -- gas pres are so much higher than the average, that is largely because of taxes. this shows taxes state by tax, the tax federal tax of 18.4 cents and the states can tack up to 20 cents a gallon. and also county and city government adds taxes and transportation costs are a big factor. moments ago, we got word that the foreign ministers from the gulf arab states are calling for the no-fly zone in libya after qaddafi unleashed airstrikes on rebel forces in theke oil port. and loyalists pounded opposition fighters with gunfire and rockets aged t
of the humuantarina effort. >> this is the near of the airport to the border and two u.s. aircraft based from germany would be landing this morning bringing humanitarian supplies and they are ready to load up with the thousands of refugees would have crossed the border and are headed back to take their him to egypt and the other countries from where they came. so the u.s. is now front and center in the ongoing effort to help all of the tens of thousands of refugees who have fled the fighting in libya. >>jonathan: thank you, jonathan from tunisia. encouraging news on the job market. the labor bureau reports the national unemployment rate is now below 9 percent, 8.9 percent in the month of february, the lowest level in two years. the service sector helped lead the way which accounts for somewhere near 90 percent of the u.s. workforce and it is expanding at the fastest rate in five years. and now peter from the fox business network at the white house. if you drill down on the numbers you can find out who is hiring and firing. >>reporter: well, overall the economy created 192,000 jobs last month. but, st
hands. he has not been given any immunity from the u.s. there will be no immunity from prosecution there either. it remains to be seen what happens to moussa koussa. they wanted information but they may also want to put him on trial in the future, shep. >> shepard: complicated. jonathan hunt will be chatting away with you if you so choose. go over to the fox news .com/shep. appears i'm wearing my glasses on that thing. that's weird. click the on the hunt thing on the right and join the conversation. he is a great conversationist, that jonathan hunt. enjoy him. >> colonel qaddafi today warning the west that they have started something in libya they cannot control meaning we. in a statement to libyan television qaddafi says the leaders who decided to launch a crusader war between christians and muslims it is they who have stricken with madness. it will be out of their control no matter what methods of detraction they have at their disposal. this comes from a dictator who pleasantly blamed the uprising in libya on bin laden and protesters fueled by nescafe spiked by hallucinogenic dru
is one of the most important countries in the region and it has great implications for u.s. national security and with regard to israel, very important place. the fact that those people are rising up is much more difficult to rise up in syria and come out to the streets of syria than in egypt so this is a major shift. i remember asking secretary gates about this when we were traveling to afghanistan just two weeks ago. i said why haven't we seen protests in syria and he said because the assad rejamie -- regime would kill those people so there are a lot of raised eyebrows to see the syrian people are protesting. >>shepard: and i would say that washington was probably caught off guard and the people were blown away by this. this was leaked, the message to the president in advance was "reform begins now." a 48 year police state was about to evaporate and when it did not happen in the south of the country they started to rise up again and we are either going to see the military back down or we are going to see the military kill them. >>jonathan: far more likely in this situation we are g
begins anew. and the fight over the federal budget heads to the u.s. senate. lawmakers prepare to vote on two very different plans to keep the government running. fair and balanced. we're live on capitol hill. >> in box two, the key suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway now appearing to plead guilty to another crime. what it could mean for the case coming up. and in box three, new questions over the accused tucson shooter's mental state and what prosecutors want to send jared loughner all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. in "studio b." but, first from fox at 3:00 in new york, muammar qaddafi reportedly gaining ground now in the effort to crush the libyan uprising. and air power is the dictator's biggest advantage. government war planes launching new strikes from above target the rebels in the oil port and adding pressure on the international community to set up a no-fly zone. is that the right thing to do? there is word muammar qaddafi has recaptured one city which is 30 miles to the we have the cap dallas, and the city is in ruins. libyan state television is n
and two are wounded. spokesman reportedly say a gun man opened fire near or on a because carrying u.s. troops. the bus driver is also dead. and another nonmilitary passenger was injured. police have reportedly arrested a 21-year-old man, a suspect from kosovo and the attack came as the bus sat outside the terminal two of frankfurt. president obama made a surprise visit during today's white house briefing to comment on the attack. listen. >> i am saddened. and outraged by this attack that took the like of two americans and wounded two others. the american people are united in expressing our gratitudeÑixf bnbip &c @&c@ willing how this outrageousçó at took place and in working with german authorities to ensure that all of the perpetrators are brought to justice.ñrçóÑiÑi >>shepard: and homeland security has been worried about this for years.ñr >>shepard: from london, this is not the first time we heard of an attack byÑi someone from kosovo on u.s. troops. >>reporter: it could be the first butñr not lackiÑi ofñr efr in 2007 men were arrested, one from coos coe and they wereç
, the use of the u.s. military in another country in the middle east. so, i think we're sensitive about these things and we will provide the president with a full range of options. >>reporter: the openings include what look like the establish president of naval assets in a position to help with humanitarian assistance. >>shepard: it sounds like they are warning of the difficulties of establishing and holding a no-fly zone. >>reporter: they are. remember, secretary clinton went over to geneva to the council a few days ago in order to talk about setting up a no-fly zone and it was clear after the discussions at her press conference from geneva she had not gotten the international community to sign off on that so they are backtracking and talking more about humanitarian assistance. let me tell you why the naval assets are right now. they have moved ships into the mediterranean. the ... in essence a second destroyer was moved into the mediterranean crossing the suez yesterday, jointing a command ship off the coast of sicily and we were just told by secretary gates that the uss kearsarge and
. on the one hand we have china and russia who would be opposed and the u.s. on the fence. and the u.k. and france saying they will write it up but only approaching it. and questions whether a no-fly zone would work against government attack helicopters. on the other side, the rebels recommend have no answer to government air power without the no-fly zone. >>neil: thank you, steve. while steve was giving his report i got two bull tens -- bulletins from reuters but we cannot confirm this yet. reuters is reporting that a senior official tells reuters that the libyan unrest has cut libya's output of oil to half a mall pair relatives per day. that is down from 1.6 million a day before unrest. reuters reports that foreign oil workers have left and they are able to pump less oil so that is contributing to the output falling by 1.1 million barrels a day. we will see what effect that has on the markets. right now the stock market is up eight points in the united states. but it has been all over the place today. as oil goes down, the price of oil goes down the stock market has been going up l
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